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2013 Edition is launched!


We are thrilled to announce publication of the 2013 Edition of Dissertation and Scholarly Research: Recipes for Success.  Our new edition offers fresh content and more than 200 new references from reliable sources. Each section of the book has been updated to provide practical, actionable guidance for every phase of dissertation development, and is supported by continuous updates and direct links to new resources on our companion website:

Recipes is a bestselling guide to writing your dissertation (5 star ranking on Amazon). The 2013 edition of Recipes offers students and faculty a comprehensive, up-to-date, user-friendly text that explains clearly how scholarly research is created, evaluated and, disseminated.  While the text has been extensively revised, some things have not changed. Understanding quality research to become excellent consumers and producers of research continues to be the focus, leading to in-depth understanding of academic inquiry. Using a workbook approach rich in tools, templates, frameworks, examples, and hard-won lessons from experience, Recipes continues to provide easy to navigate processes for crafting issues and ideas into research and results. Whether you are just considering doctoral study, already in a doctoral program, working to develop and complete your dissertation, or mentoring doctoral students, you will find Recipes a key ingredient in your success as a doctoral learner.

For regular visitors to, we are offering a discounted price on the new edition for purchases made from our publisher’ website.  See the “Buy the Book” link on for details.

As always, we welcome your interest, comments, and suggestions.