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Personality Traits and Psychometric Testing


By Marilyn Simon and Jim Goes

Personality traits, characteristics, and behaviors have been of longstanding interest in a variety of fields within social science.  Psychologists have understandably dominated the field in understanding personality, but personality and psychometric testing are popular in a wide array of disciplines, including business management and education.  Employers routinely subject potential employees to a battery of personality and psychological tests in an effort to identify those individuals who are most likely to fit the needs of the job and organization.  These are popular topics for dissertations, particularly in management fields.  Yet many students do not appreciate the differences between the two dominant theories of personality.

To help understand these two very different models of personality, and how they differ, we have added a new resource to our library on personality traits and psychometric testing, which can be found in our guides, tools, and worksheets page, and at the link below.

Personality Traits and Psychometric Testing