Choosing The Right Research Method


In 1988, I was at a luncheon with a few friends and colleagues.  We were all professionals who were progressing in our fields, but realizing that obtaining a doctorate would provide greater opportunities for advancement. We agreed that we wanted to be taken more seriously by others, wanted to do more research, teach full-time at a university, and take a leadership role in developing policy based on research. In addition we all wanted to become more intellectually engaged and affect positive social change. That day we made a pact to return to school and obtain our doctorates.

We all succeeded in fulfilling our pact. However, it took my colleagues 6 years longer than me to obtain their degrees.  Years later when we reflected on our doctoral journey, it was apparent that my colleagues had selected a “wrong methodology” for their dissertation, and I had selected a “correct methodology.”   One of the reasons I wrote Recipes was to help doctoral learners understand their research typology, which will likely help make the dissertation process a more palatable one.

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