Dissertation Checklist – Check this list BEFORE you Submit


By Marilyn Simon and Jim Goes

As longtime dissertation chairs, mentors, and committee members, we constantly see a number of common errors and problems in dissertation drafts.  Each one of these errors has the potential to halt your progress in dissertation development, whether in the developmental stage, the quality review stage, or even at the university or outside review level. This checklist was developed to help you avoid these problems, and for our selfish interests as well – to reduce the number of chapter or dissertation drafts that we receive that exhibit these chronic problems.

Once you move out of the development phase on your dissertation proposal, and submit your draft for review by your dissertation chair, mentor, or committee, use this checklist to verify that each of these quality elements are present or checked BEFORE you submit your draft for review.  Your committee will thank you, and your proposal or final dissertation will move through the process MUCH more quickly!

Dissertation Check List

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