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Recipes for SuccessWelcome to the support site for Dissertation and Scholarly Research: Recipes for Success, one of the most popular guides to dissertation research and writing available.  Our goal is to help you plan, execute, and complete your dissertation, on time and on target.

Our book, Recipes for Success, distills our collective experience of over 50 years of mentoring doctoral learners to successful completion of their dissertations.  In the process of mentoring over 100 doctoral learners to successful degree completion, we have learned a great deal about the most effective strategies to be successful, from identifying a problem and focus to executing the study and publishing the results.

On this site we provide weblog postings, FAQs, support materials and resources, and the opportunity for you to post your questions and thoughts about dissertation writing.  This site is newly launched and will be continuously adding material and resources as we go. We invite you into the conversation, and thanks for joining us.

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  • If any doctoral student wants to be successful they need to use this book. The process and activities help bring clarity in minutes of what might take a student weeks to discover. As a dissertation mentor, this book is required reading for every one of my students. Dr. Simon and Dr. Goes have created something practical and insightful. Bravo!

    Dr. Kevin Gazzara