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While your university and your committee members expect you to do your own work and to “tool up” on whatever knowledge is needed to complete your dissertation, occasionally doctoral learners need professional technical help from experts in various aspects of research, methodology, and statistics.

The following individuals and resources have been found extremely useful by doctoral graduates, and we are pleased to refer you to these individuals and with confidence.  These individuals do excellent work and have helped many dissertation writers over the years.

PLEASE note that we do not receive any “finder fees” or “referral fees” from any of the individuals on this list.  They get our recommendation because they deliver top quality performance that helps you complete your dissertation on time and on target!

APA Coach

Toni Williams has worked with more than 1,000 doctoral candidates in her 13 years as an APA coach.  Her services include helping doctoral students to make sure their dissertations are concise, precise, clear, consistent, and grammatically correct, Her services also include assisting with formatting page numbers, tables of contents, headings, references, and tables into APA style. Please feel free to e-mail Toni at [email protected].


Methodologists and Statistics Coaches:

Q-Method Coach
Karen I. Conger, Ph.D. DataSense, LLC
Research Consultant Specialists in QSR Software
Ph: 661.821.1909 Fax: 661.215.9379
Email: [email protected] Web:

Quantitative Statistics Coach
Thomas R. Granoff, Ph.D.
836 Pepper Street
El Segundo, California 90245-2345
Voice (310) 640-8017 Fax (310) 640-8694
[email protected]

This is an excellent how-to book on working with SPSS for your dissertation


Dissertation Advising and Mentoring:

Dissertation101TM – Lonny Ness
A comprehensive dissertation education, consultation, and resource service of Dissertation101 Mentoring Services, LLC., focused on the dissertation fundamentals, to serve doctoral level candidates towards successful fulfillment of their terminal degree through the delivery of best practice perspectives via self-paced course-based instruction and individualized 1-on-1 dissertation mentoring.


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