This page provides access to a variety of dissertation-related slideshows developed by Dr. Simon and Dr. Goes.  Feel free to access and use the materials here, and check back regularly for new additions.


FAQs about research, along with companion document, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Your Dissertation Proposal, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Keeping a Dissertation Journal, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Webinar for ABD (All But Dissertation) students conducted by Dr. Simon and Dr. Goes

Evaluating Published Research, by Dr. Jim Goes

Creating the Problem Statement, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Building a Conceptual Model, by Dr. Jim Goes

Conducting a Literature Review, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

The Paradigm Wars, By Dr. Marilyn Simon

What’s Stat You Say: An easy method for statistical hypothesis testing (along with companion worksheet), by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Protection of Human Participants, by Drs. Ron and Marilyn Simon

Reliability and Validity, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Writing Chapters 4 and 5, by Dr. Marilyn Simon

Oral Defense Dissertation Slideshow Example

Oral Defense Proposal Slideshow Example


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